LSCB Subgroups

LSCB activity is carried out with the support of a set of subgroups, each with a distinct responsibility and multi- agency membership to reflect and support the business of that group.


Some of these groups are local (Windsor & Maidenhead) and others are partnerships with neighbouring Local Authorities.

Joint LSCB and SAB Prevention subgroup

  • Ensures that the RBWM Children and Young People’s Plan is (CYPP) appropriately implemented with regard to the need to safeguard Children and Young People
  • Identifies workforce development requirements for the successful delivery of the CYPP
  • Promotes welfare among partner agencies, the public and workforce
  • Publishes parenting handbook
  • Maintains LSCB website
  • Publishes newsletters and leaflets 
  • Publishes safeguarding toolkit

Monitoring and Evaluation Subgroup (Local - W&M)

  • Assesses the effectiveness of activities that aim to safeguard children
  • Audits – e.g. Child Protection, Private Fostering, Domestic Abuse
  • Reviews Management data
  • Reviews Inspection data
  • Ensures the views of children and young people, parents and carers, and the workforce are monitored and considered

Serious Case Review Subgroup  (Local - W&M)

  • Arranges an SCR Panel and initiates reviews when a child dies and abuse or neglect is suspected 
  • Carries out reviews in other key circumstances when there is concern about how professionals worked together
  • Monitors Action Plans and challenges or requests evidence from participating agencies
  • Ensures that local lessons are learned and changes made
  • Ensures that relevant lessons from other Authority reviews are disseminated and learned
  • Ensures relevant guidance and legislation is disseminated as appropriate

Policy & Procedures Subgroup (Pan Berkshire)

  • Manages Berkshire Child Protection Procedures (online service)
  • Monitors changes in legislation and guidance
  • Considers recommendations from Serious Case Reviews
  • Considers recommendations from practice experience
  • Consults on major changes to published legislation and guidance

Child Death Overview Panel (Pan Berkshire)

  • Reviews all child deaths in Berkshire 
  • Identifies any lessons to be learned or issues of concern
  • Ensures that all procedures and protocols are implemented and monitored
  • Ensures that all unexpected deaths of children receive a rapid response from health, police and other agencies
  • Identifies significant risk factors, trends and overall patterns across Berkshire 
  • Refers any cases that need further investigation to the relevant local authority 
  • Monitors and advises on resources and training required to ensure effective inter agency response to child deaths

Learning and Development

Set standards;


  • Who should be trained
  • Content of training
  • Delivery methods for training
  • Monitor standards;
  • Ensures all receive the necessary training
  • Reviews the content of courses


Monitors quality of courses


  • Ensures consistency and accessibility of courses and programmes
  • Disseminates information and promotes awareness of  changes and developments 


Highlight need;


  • Considers recommendations from Serious Case Reviews
  • Considers recommendations from practice experience
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